About therapist

MARINA MARIĆ  – graduate physiotherapist 

I graduated physiotherapy from the  Polytechnics “Lavoslav Ruzicka”, Croatia.

As experienced therapist I can help find the potential cause of your problems and also work with you to resolve them.

I treat individually every client  and base my treatments on a variety of techniques to help you achieve the maximal therapeutic effect.


  • Manual lymphatic drainage by Dr. Vodder
  • General osteopathic techniques
  • Osteopathic techniques for upper limb
  • Osteopathic treatment of knee an hip
  • Osteopathic treatment of foot
  • Manual therapy for the treatment of hip, knee, ankle and foot
  • Student at seminar Association Touch to Health – Myofascial Release Technique Fascia
  • Course participant at ARIMED modeling training “Massage with Pindas” and  “Thai massage”